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Pusat inkubasi anda

iCentre adalah program startup incubation dan ruang kerja bersama untuk usahawan dengan akses ke program pembangunan kapasiti dan startup ecosystem. iCentre bekerja rapat dengan kolaborator tempatan dan serantau untuk membangunkan dan menjalankan bengkel dalam bidang ideasi, pengesahan pasaran dan penjanaan dana.

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Program dan aktiviti di bawah iCentre

Industry Business Academy - Program pengembangan dan pembelajaran bangunan kapasiti PKS di mana perusahaan boleh meningkatkan kemahiran dan pengetahuan mereka dalam memulakan, menjalankan dan memperluaskan perniagaan. Explore!

Accelerate Bootcamp Programme - 100-hari accelerator programme dibuka kepada usahawan baru dan yang sedia ada, program menyediakan pitching mingguan, sesi bimbingan yang diarahkan ke Demo Day di mana para peserta memperjuangkan produk mereka kepada panel hakim / pelabur. Explore!

Micro Bootcamp Programme - Program perniagaan khusus untuk perniagaan mikro (1-4 pekerja) dalam kategori belia (18 hingga 40 tahun) Explore!

Sharing and Networking Sessions - Acara berasaskan komuniti mengundang rakan kongsi strategik untuk sesi Sharing and Networking Sessions.


Ruang Kerja Bersama

Ruang Kerja Bersama iCentre

Ruang kerja bersama kami terbuka kepada usahawan yang mempunyai akses ke program pembangunan kapasiti dan ekosistem permulaan. Ruang terbuka yang canggih disesuaikan dengan kerja anda mempunyai wifi berkelajuan tinggi percuma.


Kafe Awam

Au Lait Cafe

Au Lait Cafe dibuka kepada orang ramai antara pukul 7 pagi - 6 petang, Isnin hingga Sabtu, tidak termasuk hari cuti umum. Kafe ini menawarkan dan menyediakan pelbagai sarapan, makan tengahari, dan makanan ringan yang segar baru dibuat di lokasi.

Companies under iCentre

Company About
CYiP embraces five business categories – e-commerce, cosmetics, women’s clothing, menswear, and food and beverages – with the main aim of developing quality products for local brands.

Cube Junction
Cube Junction is a 100% Bruneian company which offers an E-Commerce and Social Network platform for businesses to conduct their business easily and securely on the internet.

EICO/ inTurn
Provide enriching travel experiences through itineraries that serve to supplement youth education and professional development via internships and work placements.

Specialises in Business Coaching, Mentoring, Accelerator Program, Web and App Development for Local Businesses and Enterprises .

a sales platform for Bruneian products, but we also help as consultants for smaller businesses to gain all the standards needed – such as barcodes, nutrition labels and halal certification – for their product to be exportable .

An organization that specifically tackles social and economic issues that contemporary youths are facing such as unemployment. JA Brunei’s main goals are to teach youths about financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills as well as give them work readiness.

Megabytes Solutions is a Drone company that uses drone as a service and software as a service that helps to collect data and analyze various field.

Ethis Crowd Funding
Ethis Brunei is an integrated online platform, mobilising funds to the real economy and productive sectors in Brunei and SE Asia; Ethis Brunei wants to contribute to the Brunei society, create employment opportunities youth through business ventures and entrepreneurship activities which overall will contribute to the Brunei GDP.

Track 'n' Roll
Track&ROLL, a cloud based Human Resource Management System that consolidates your core HR functions into one online platform. Track&ROLL aims to deliver a simplified approach whilst modernizing traditional HR practices. This is achieved by integrating most of the main HR functions from attendance, leave and claims into your payroll.

Al-Huffaz Management

A platform that provides Islamic- religious based services. Al-Huffaz Management acts as a bridge that connects qualified Al-Quran teachers and customers. Both customers and those who wish to register as educators can register via online through

Creative Learning Programme for kids .


Islamic Mind Muhammadiyah, an interactive app focusing on children Islamic content. Company currently expanded to Indonesia through signing of MOU with Indonesia’s 2nd largest Islamic community.

Super Squad Soccer

An interactive platform for futsal players to play and compete online and offline. Company currently to expand to Malaysia with South East Asia FIFA Representative as Advisory Board Member.

Startup Brunei

A venture builder that runs a mentorship-run accelrator program, educates and value-adds that start-up ecosystems sith our corporate partners and networks.

Creative Core.Bn

The Creative Core BN aims to connect artists of various fields through focused networking events centered around art and innovation.

BEEP Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd

Beep Digital Solutions is working towards being the merchant acquirer for Alipay and Wechat Pay.


 IT Company based in from Brunei Darussalam who aspire to solve challenges through IT solutions. We specialize in system development, website and mobile application emphasizing on IT Security, System Performance, Stability and efficiency for our clients.

Dotroot Technologies

DotRoot Technologies is a technology solutions providers that caters to public and private sector.


Specializes in delivering competency Islamic based workshops, such as leadership-values-based enrichment programmes for children

Headhunter Sports

Rugged Clothing For Sports Teams and Fitness Wear


Creating a revolutionary platform to engage bowlers worldwide.

GroMinda Group

An application platform to connect graduates and prospective employers that focuses on industrial training.

Agrome IQ

Smart agriculture systems to assist small farmers in monitoring and increasing the output of their yield. Company currently working with local farmers, and beta test farm in Cambodia.


The first of its kind in Brunei to provide organized weekend workshops on a variety of skills, such as batik painting, steak cooking, orchid planting, digital illustrating, and writing, in order to inspire fun productivity amongst the Bruneian community.

Sparkly Domestic Divas

Sparkly Domestic Divas is a domestic service provider that serves domestic work from houses to houses and commercial buildings around Brunei Darussalam


A charity crowdfunding platform to help elevate the livelihood of our community in terms of socio-status.


The Fundnel team partners young and established companies alike to help them find their stride and expand their footprint in the new global economy we live in today. Our people are here to help various ventures shape their companies into enduring businesses for years to come.

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