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There are 12​ agencies at the BSC that are involved in starting up, operating and expanding a business.​

Agency Services
Business Help Desks 
Darussalam Enterprise (DARe)
Log-in business related issues and enquiries.

General advice on Business Support Centre, DARe events and activities.

Receive applications for DARe programmes and initiatives including industrial land and complex.

Facilitate registration for 'Business Reporting' (BR).

Registry of Companies and Business Names 
Ministry of Finance and Economy
Registering a Business

Advice on processes relating to the registration of company and business names.

Cooperative Division 
Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry
Setting up a Cooperative

Advice on the set-up of cooperatives.

Receive inquiries, feedback and issues with regards to cooperatives​.

Receive audit reports after issuing of payment.

Brunei Muara District Office / Municipal Department​ 
Ministry of Home Affairs
Obtaining Licenses​

Receive, review and renew licenses for health and beauty establishments.

Register e-Darussalam accounts.

Update data on OneBiz system.

Receive new application and renewal for Public Entertainment License and Car Park License.

Brunei Intellectual Property Office 
Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry
Intellectual Property Protection​

Receive and process applications for patent, trademark and industrial design.

Advice on IP-related matters.

Searches of the Register books.

Department of Electrical Services 
Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry
Commercial Electrical Connection​

Advice on application for commercial electrical connection.

Assisting in application to get electricity connection online via Onebiz system.

Public Works Department 
Ministry of Development
Commercial Water Connection

Advice on how to apply for commercial water meter online.

Assisting in online application.

Approval of application.

Expo and Trade Department  
Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry
Expos and Trade Fairs

Providing advisory on the online process for application of Trade Fairs.

Processing and approval of license to organize Trade Fairs (including roadshows related to trade, local and international trade expos, garage or car boot sales and wedding fairs).

Certificate of Origin (COO) 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Certificate of Origin and Tariff Advisory

Advice on how to get tariff exemption or reduction under different list of Free Trade Agreements.

Application and issuance of Certificate of Origin.

Royal Customs and Excise Department 
Ministry of Finance and Economy
Import and Export

Advice on import and export procedures, tariff and classification and other customs matters.

Receiving, processing and approving customs declaration for preferential tariff treatment.

Trade Registration.

Check on Customs declaration status.

Credit Bureau, Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam 
Ministry of Finance and Economy
Self Inquiry and Dispute Resolution​

Self-Inquiry Reports.

Dispute Resolution service.

Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry
Miscellaneous Online Applications and Payment of Services

Assist applicants in the usage of the 'OneBiz Online Business Licensing System'.

Activate e-Darussalam account.

Receive and process applications and payments for:

Health & Beauty Establishment License.
Carpark License.
Public Entertainment License (Seasonal).
Electricity Connection.
Construction Permit (ba/formc/op/pp).
Occupation Permit.
Expos and Trade Fairs.
Public Entertainment License (Arcade).

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