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DARe bootcamp: Get your business off the ground

Intensive training, mentorship and peer accountability

You’ve got an idea. But what’s keeping you from turning it into a successful venture? Many creative ideas never make it to the market, or debut without much of a response.

Your ability to execute and navigate the twists and turns that come along the way will ultimately determine if your business can get off the ground.

In 2017, Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) will roll out three bootcamps – intensive programmes that train and mentor aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to launch their business.

Whether you have a world-beating idea, are interested in selling online or want to set up your own food joint, we have a bootcamp suited for you. We are bringing in local and regional facilitators with proven track records in start-up and enterprise development. No fees; only your commitment to follow through.

Startup Bootcamp

First launched in October last year, Startup Bootcamp is a 100 day “accelerator” programme that identifies businesses that have the potential to scale rapidly and export their products and services beyond Brunei’s borders.

The bootcamp ropes in leading experts in key business fields including legal, marketing, branding and finance – and meets every Tuesday night to update on their progress. At the programme’s end startups take centre stage on a “demo-day” where they pitch to investors.

Micro Business Bootcamp

A program to upskill and develop youth aged between 18-30 years old to participate in entrepreneurship, more specifically into micro businesses. 

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Interested? Reach us through our hotline at 8363442 or drop us an email with your business idea and personal details at dare@ei.gov.bn or dare.ept@dare.gov.bn to sign up.

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