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​​​​​​​​​​​DARe Dialogue

DARe has been organizing dialogues with the local business community since March 2016.  The objective of the dialogues is to create a platform in which DARe and other government agencies can listen and understand the issues faced by the local business community, and work towards creating a solution.  

DARe’s outreach to the local business community has not been limited to DARe Dialogues.  DARe also utilizes other platforms to reach out the local business community such as:

  • Focus group engagement sessions – these sessions are typically with smaller groups of individuals from a specific industry sector.  These sessions allow for a more detailed discussion on issues faced by those from that industry, and provides an opportunity for DARe and other government agencies to understand how best to resolve them.
  • Enterprise Open Day (EOD) – these are events run by DARe to help promote the Business Support Centre, including the Business Help Desk in which the local business community are able to log in any issues faced related to their business.  DARe has organized EODs in all 4 districts in 2016.

DARe Dialogues have covered a wide range of topics and involved numerous government agencies as well as the private sectors.  DARe Dialogues are typically categorized as those that are 'issue based', 'opportunity based' or 'group based':

  • Issues based dialogues / focus groups – these dialogues focus on a specific process or regulation that has an impact on the way an entrepreneur starts or runs his / her business.
  • Opportunity based dialogues – these dialogues share potential business opportunities in different industry sectors, to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.  These dialogues invite guest speakers from a particular industry that share insights to that industry.​ 
  • Group based Dialogues – these dialogues invite specific groups from the business community, or a particular organization, in order to understand the issues faced by them.​​

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