There are 13​ agencies at the BSC that are involved in starting up, operating and expanding a business.​

1​​Darussalam Enterprise (DARe)
Business Helpdesk 
  1. Log-in business related issues and enquiries
  2. Information on DARe events and activities
  3. General advice on Business Support Centre
  4. Receive applications for DARe programmes and initiatives
  5. Facilitate registration for 'Business Reporting' (BR) 
Industrial Land and Industrial Complexes
  1. Advice on application for industrial land and complex
Registry of Companies and Business Names, 
Ministry of Finance
Registering a Business
Advice on processes relating to the registration of company and business names

​3Cooperative Division,
Ministry of Energy and Industry
Setting up a Cooperative
​4Brunei Muara District Office / Municipal Department​, 
Ministry of Home Affairs
Obtaining Licenses
​5Labour Department, 
Ministry of Home Affairs
Employing Foreign Workers
​6Brunei Intellectual Property Office,
Ministry of Energy and Industry 
Intellectual Property Protection
​7​Department of Electrical Services,
Ministry of Energy and Industry 
Commercial Electrical Connection
​8​Public Works Department, 
Ministry of Development
Commercial Water Connection
​9​Expo and Trade Department,
Ministry of Energy and Industry 
Expos and  Trade Fairs
​10Certificate of Origin (COO),
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Certificate of Origin and Tariff Advisory
​11Royal Customs and Excise Department,
Ministry of Finance
Import and Export 
​12​Credit Bureau, Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam,
Ministry of Finance
Self Inquiry and Dispute Resolution
Ministry of Energy and Industry 
Miscellaneous Online Applications and Payment of Services
Receive and process applications and payments for:

- OneBiz Helpdesk​
- OneBiz Payment Office