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Industries Sdn Bhd (BFI) and Advanced Hydrogen Energy Chain Association for Technology Development (AHEAD) at DARe’s Sungai Liang Industrial Park (SPARK)

A joint stakeholder engagement was facilitated by Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) for its industrial

tenants located at the Sungai Liang Industrial Park (SPARK) which include: Brunei Methanol

Company Sdn Bhd (BMC), Brunei Fertilizer Industries Sdn Bhd (BFI), and Advanced Hydrogen

Energy Chain Association for Technology Development (AHEAD). The engagement was held at

SPARK’s Multipurpose hall on Monday, 11 February 2019.

DARe arranged the event as part of its role to provide and manage Industrial Parks in the country

to cater to the development of businesses and economy of Brunei Darussalam. The engagement

with the local community is aimed at updating the progress and upcoming works within SPARK.

The tenants are upgrading and implementing new facilities that will generate major economic spin-

offs through downstream oil and gas activities.

The engagement session started with a presentation by DARe represented by Senior Manager,

Industrial Site Management - Abdullah bin Nawi; followed by presentations from BMC represented

by HSE Manager - Pg Hj Muhd Ibrahim bin Pg Dato Paduka Hj Abu Bakar, and Operation Manager

– Mohd Jefri bin Hj Ahmed; as well as presentations from BFI represented by thyssenkrupp

Industrial Solutions Brn Sdn Bhd’s Site Manager - Rocky Booyzen and Deputy Site Manager – Erik

Van Soestbergen, Dextra Fracht Brunei’s Mechanical Project Manager – Simon Mercier and Haji

Adinin and Sons (B) Sdn Bhd’s HR manager – Md Hj Abed bin Hj Abdul Hamid, while AHEAD was

represented by Liaison Officer – Nurhazirah binti Mesli.

The presentations by the three tenants provided updates on their respective companies’ upcoming

projects. BMC presented on the HSE statistics manhours of 5.4 million without LTI. The schedule

turnaround onshore will start on 24th February and ends before 16th April 2019 this will include

offshore maintenance at BMC single buoy mooring facility, 14km from Sungai Liang coastal beach.

While BFI, which started construction of Brunei’s first fertiliser plant in August 2018, presented on

the status of construction work currently ongoing at SPARK as well as upcoming activities related

to the construction of its jetty and logistics planning for transportation of equipment to SPARK.

Additionally, AHEAD, which is constructing its Hydrogenation Demo Plant that will supply hydrogen

fuel to Tokyo by 2020, presented on its Hydrogen pipeline construction that is currently ongoing

and will last until June 2019. The Project will begin for pre-commissioning in mid 2019.

Those in attendance at the engagement session included Government officers, Penghulus, and

village heads to inform of those residing near the area of the upcoming progress of the companies as well as any construction activities that will be happening. 

precautions and be sure to follow all safety signages that are around the SPARK area.

About Darussalam Enterprise (DARe)

DARe is a statutory body that looks to nurture and support local enterprises with the aim to foster their growth in order to enable them to contribute to the country’s GDP. DARe develops local enterprises by assisting in capacity building, facilitating access to funding, access to international markets as well as providing industrial spaces for SMEs to grow, business support services, and promotional services.

For more information, please visit: http://www.dare.gov.bn About Brunei Methanol Company Sdn Bhd (BMC)

BMC is an international joint venture company incorporated on 13 March 2006 by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc., PB Petrochemical Company Sendirian Berhad and ITOCHU Corporation with the sole objective to build, own and operate Brunei Darussalam’s methanol plant. BMC started its commercial operation in May 2010 with a nameplate capacity of 2,500 metric tons per day (850,000MT/year) of Federal Grade AA Methanol, and the methanol produced is exported to markets in North East Asia, South East Asia, as well as markets as far as India and the United States.

About Brunei Fertilizer Industries Sdn Bhd (BFI)

BFI is Brunei’s first industrial fertilizer plant, situated at the 55-hectare land at SPARK. The plant

will have a production capacity of 2,200 metric tons per day (mtpd) of ammonia which will be

converted to 3,900 mtpd of granulated urea. Majority of the produced urea will be exported.

Commercial production of the plant is expected to start in 2021.


AHEAD is a Japanese Joint Venture established to demonstrate the world’s first global hydrogen

supply chain between Brunei Darussalam and Japan (the Project). Its plant will operate for 1 year

starting from October 2019 expecting to produce 210 tonnes of Hydrogen to be transported to

Kawasaki, Japan for further de-hydrogenation process. The hydrogen will be used for fuel for a

power plant in 2020. The Project is in the midst of construction and will begin for pre-

commissioning in mid-2019.