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Brunei businesses invited to register for APEC Online-to-Offline (O2O) Forum

In the current digital age, any business that wants to grow further needs to adopt technology into their business to increase their visibility and sales growth. However, introducing technology into a business does comes with issues, such as digital security and costs.  

The APEC O2O Forum provides Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), tech start-ups and young entrepreneurs a platform to gain access to training, networking and preparation for the challenges that comes with wanting to make your business more competitive in the current market.


The third phase of the APEC O2O Forum held on 28 March 2018 at Dewan Musyawarah located at the International Convention Centre (ICC) will be co-hosted with Vietnam focusing on topics that will cover on: 1. The pros and cons of adopting technology into your business, 2. The variety of technology and digital tools that you can use to increase your reach and marketability, 3. A sharing session from other Brunei businesses to talk about the best practices they have adopted into their business.


Some of the speakers that will be attending the forum are representatives from Yushan Ventures, an organisation that invests in eCommerce and mobile consumer internet start-ups; Vicgo a company that provides consulting services in marketing, community building, project development, and corporate management; as well as Coca-Cola.


MSMEs, tech startups and young entrepreneurs interested to grow their business in the current digital age can register for free at http://dare.gov.bn/SitePages/APEC-SME-FORUM.aspx. Further information and explanation on the forum can also be found at the link provided.